Faturday Omaha

Faturday At Pla Too Thai

November 8, 2022

I love Thai food, do you love Thai food too? You might just love the Thai food at Pla Too Thai located at 5092 S 136th St. This was a spot that I had seen many times on Q st. but never made it there. Well they have moved from their prior location to the136th St spot and they have a wonderful dining environment with food to match. TJ, Faturdad, and I all dined in together, Danell made a trip, and I did a take out too. We had a great sampling of the dishes on this menu and we’re about to bring the flavor to you,  so…

Hang on to your fork, stay right where you are and listen if you’re hungry.

P.S. A special thanks at the end to Kitchen Table


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